Some people say that Seoul is a city that never sleeps.  Most bars and clubs stay open until 5am, which is around the same time the subway starts running. Seoul is a fun, faced-paced and vibrant metropolis that too often gets overshadowed by it's glamorous neighbours.  But don't be mistaken - Seoul can be just as fun and interesting as Tokyo or Shanghai (but it's not Bangkok).

An essential part of the Korean experience is a visit to a Korean nori-bang, or 'singing room', where you and a group of friends rent a room for an hour and sing along to your favourite pop songs. When it comes to cocktails, chatting and dancing, There are a slew of gay venues across Korea, with the majority of them clustered in neighbourhoods all over Seoul.   If you are looking for a wild time than you will want to hit gay-town on a Friday or Saturday because things are pretty slow during the week.  

Korea may seem conservative on the outside, but she's a wild party animal whore on the inside.  Click on the links below for more information about Seoul's hotspots for the queer-sighted. 

Itaewon 이태원

Itaewon is the multicultural hub of Seoul where people of all ethnicities like to dine, dance and romance.  Popular gay bars and dance clubs cluster in the middle of "Homo Hill" where, in the warm summer months, the party takes place in the heat of the street.  There's a few restaurants in the area owned by famous openly-gay actor/entrepreneur Hong Suk-cheon. Click here for more info.


Jongno is located in the heart of Seoul and is home to the authentic Korean queer scene, with over a hundred homo hangouts scattered around the area.  These venues cater mainly to locals but foreigners are welcome here.  There aren't any dance clubs in the area and most places are traditional sit-down bars where it is often required to order food with your drinks. Click here for more info.

Rest of Seoul

Gay culture is spreading it's wings throughout Seoul and you can now enjoy foreigner-friendly gay venues in places other than Itaewon.  Hongdae is home to a few popular lesbian bars and is slowly opening its doors to more homo hangouts.  The ladies-only venues include Bar W, Hakuna Matada, Soma, Pink Hole, and others. Check out Girlport for listings.  

Hong Seok-cheon has recently opened a new gay-friendly restaurant called Play in Hongdae and there is also a new gay bar in Sincheon called Queer Bar that has been open since May 2010.  Click here for more info about the rest of Seoul.

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