Ivan City

An online gay community providing access to online forums, entertainment, shopping, nightlife, etc.  Apparently it is Korean's largest gay networking site.  Available in the English language (click top-right corner).  Difficult to sign-up to the site if you are not Korean.
 IVANCITY (English)

Chingusai 진구사이

Means "between friends" and is a Korean Gay Men's Human Rights Group founded in 1994.

Korean Queer Culture Festival  퀴어문화축제 

A week-long even in Seoul that includes a film festival, parade and queer party.  Usually happens in late May or early June.
Official KQCF Site

KSCRC (Korean Sexual-Minority Culture & Rights Centre)

In Korean, it's  한국성적소수자문화인권센터. Like other Korean sites, the English pages are out-of-date and have limited information, but it's worth checking out.
English site

KHAP (Korean Aids/HIV Prevention and Support Center)

English Site


Probably one of the most informative English sites on gay life across Asia.  It Offers detailed information on popular nightspots and gay hangouts.  
Utopia-Asia homepage


Friday is apparently Asia's largest gay and lesbian online community.  It offers news, events, personals, etc.
Fridae homepage


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