Condomania has been open for over 5 years and is located on a busy street in Hongdae's student area.  There are literally 100 different kinds of condoms organized on wall displays with open samples of each for you to touch.  Uniquely packaged condoms make the perfect gift - bubble gum, candy and lollipop packaged condoms as well as condoms inside glass tubes and walnuts.  Buy a full-body condom for Halloween, 28,000 Won or settle for a condom cap.  Open daily from 1pm-11pm.  

animal shaped condoms
novelty items

Getting there
Hongdae subway station exit 5.  Walk straight to the large intersection and make a left.  Walk straight to Hongik University's main gate, cross the road, turn right and walk straight.  You will soon see Condomania on your left.  


Hong Suk Cheon's newest restaurant located in the Hongdae area.

Play isn't as central as Hong Seok-cheon's other restaurants so navigating your way there might be a bit of a challenge.
Getting there
Hongdae subway station, exit 2.  Turn left and walk straight to the second intersection.  Cross the road and turn right.  Walk straight and make a left at Hana Bank.  Turn right at the third small street (you will see a restaurant called Gob Jang Town).  Walk straight and you will see Play on your left.


Queer Bar

Open since April 2010, Queer Bar is located near Yonsei University and is the only gay bar in the Hongdae area (aside from a few lesbian-only bars). It's pretty quiet here most nights but will probably get busier as more people find out about it.  They host regular events so be sure to check out their website.
Open 8pm - 5am.  Check out their website for a map, contact info and event information.

funky interior
lively events
tasty drinks

Getting there
Sinchon subway station exit 2 (it's Sinchon near hongdae, not Sincheon near Gangnam).    Walk straight a few block until you see the Starbucks.  Turn left and walk straight.  You will see Queer Bar on your left (purple exterior).

website / photos



A two minute walk from Gangnam station you'll find this fully-equiped deluxe adult shop that is probably the largest in Korea and according to the owner, is the only adult shop south of the river.  Filled with quality gadgets imported from places like Japan, American, and Sweden, you are sure to find something to satisfy your needs.  They even have home-grown products from the Zini line like the Deux for those lonely erogenous zones.  Forget about those seedy back-alley adult shops and come see Baruru for yourself.

Clean, spacious interior
Variety of products
Friendly owner

Getting there
Gangnam subway station exit 6.  Walk straight until you see the Body Shop.  Turn left and walk straight to the first intersection (the one before the lights).  Turn left and you'll see Baruru on the 5th floor of the first building on your right.

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