3rd Seoul World DJ Festival

Get your gay on at the 3rd Seoul World DJ Festival at the 
Han River par (Nanji area) Saturday May 5th! 
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Out Pride Korea

When you first arrive in South Korea your Gaydar will be off the hook.  You will be a witness to a slew of fashionably-dressed young men carrying purses and holding hands while they walk down the street together.  You'll probably see older men wearing business suits holding hands on the subway or in the side-streets of Jongno, which you will find mind-boggling because all of the conservative things you heard about Korea aren't true at all.

But slowly you will begin to realize that this is a culture of affection and that most of these androgyneous men are actually extremely homophobic, and your pereptions of masculinity, gender and identity will began to blur.

For those of you living in Korea, you have probably witnessed a growth of gay themes in mainstream media.  Just a few years ago there were only a couple of low-budget gay themed films and one popular mainstream film called "The Kind and the Clown", which, at the time was the highest grossing Korean film in history.   Mainstream media catching on and cashing in on the public's interest in queer Korea and has since made a myriad of gay themed Korean hits like Antique, and A Frozen Flower, and T.V drama's such as My Life is Beautiful, which features the story of a gay couple.

Same-sex marriage is not recognized but Korea is slowly shedding its conservative skin.

Itaewon's Gay Scene 이태원

You will find that most places are foreigner-friendly and that the staff speak some English.  Most common types of drinks are local beers like Cass and OB as well as Budweiser and some European beers.  Coolers aren't as common but some bars serve KGB.  Wine, cocktails and other mixed drinks are popular at most venues.  Hong Seok Cheon's restaurant empire include My Thai, My Chelsea, My Bed, Play (in Hongdae) and most recently My Chicken, a gay bar that serves fried chicken.  In the spring and summer months when the weather is warm the best party is in the street of Homo Hill where people like to socialize and wander between bars, mostly on Friday and Saturday nights.  Bars and constantly changing to be sure to check back for an update before your big gay adventure.



    Seoul Scene Suevey

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