The Sexier Side of Korea

snowed in this winter? Need something to sooth and amuse you during those rainy summer afternoons? the perfect prop for your sexual adventures.
sex shops are technically not legal in Korea and porn is illegal (you'll see it on T.V but you won't see genitals - the actors may appear to be penetrating but it's just dry humping).

It's not advisable to bring toys with you - they can get confiscated at the airport and could lead to a very embarrasing situation.  The same goes with importing dildos.  If it's hidden in a package of clothes it's probably going to be fine but I wouldn't have a box of sex toys sent from overseas. 

astroglide,  invented for the Space Shuttle and approved by Barbara Walters, is fully in stock for 60,000 Won a bottle.  a tube of KY knockoff will set you back ___.  They also sell Cass cans that harbour synthetic vagina's inside them.  Santa claus vibrators, glass dildo's and candy underwear are just some of the quirky products that this kinky store has in stock.  This place is your sex toy supercentre.  

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